Are you planning to open a coffee shop but don't know where to start? Are you worried about costs, procedures, supplies and how to attract customers? Don't worry, this article will share with you 7 experiences in opening a coffee shop from AZ for newbies, helping you have an overview and details about the coffee shop business.

1. Market research

Before opening a coffee shop, future shop owners need to research the market to understand the needs, trends and competitors of the coffee industry. Sources can refer to information such as Website, Fanpage, Blog, forum, Group, newspapers, books, or directly survey other coffee shops to learn from experience and will often research the following issues. : 

– Market share, revenue, profit and costs of the coffee industry

– Types of coffee, preparation methods, necessary equipment and materials

– Factors affecting the quality and flavor of coffee

– Factors that attract customers to the coffee shop such as space, music, wifi, menu, price, promotions, services...

– Strengths and weaknesses, advantages and disadvantages of rival cafes

– Challenges and risks when running a coffee shop business

Thorough market research will help you determine the goals, strategies and development directions for your coffee shop.

2. Identify customer base and business location

After researching the market, you need to determine the target customer group for your coffee shop. You should build a customer profile that includes information such as: age, gender, income, occupation, hobbies, habits,... It is necessary to understand the needs, desires and problems of the target customer group, to be able to satisfy them with the most suitable products and services. 

Determining your customer base will help you choose a suitable business location. You should choose a premises with:

– Convenient location: near residential areas, schools, offices, shopping centers... where there is a high number of potential customers

– Reasonable rental costs: suitable for budget and purpose of use

– Appropriate area and design: enough space to arrange tables and chairs, bar, preparation area, toilet... and can create a beautiful, comfortable, unique space for the coffee shop.

Determining your customer base and business location will help you save costs and know exactly which direction your store needs to develop, thereby increasing business efficiency. 

3. Create a sketch idea for a coffee shop

The coffee shop's idea needs to be based on the target customers and the amount of investment capital that the owner owns. Coming up with a coffee shop idea will help you shape the scale, design style and menu for the shop.

- Take away coffee style: This coffee shop idea is very famous in developed countries and popular in Vietnam. The main customers are office workers, workers, and students who do not have time to sit and drink coffee. 

- Traditional coffee style: Traditional Vietnamese coffee shops often have a customer segment that is mainly young or middle-aged people... These people have time to sit at the shop to enjoy coffee and chat together. 

- Franchise coffee business: The form of franchising coffee business is no longer new in Vietnam. In fact, building a top-notch coffee brand in today's market is very difficult. Therefore, many shop owners choose to look to famous coffee brands to buy back the brand and enjoy the experience and available brewing technology. Normally, the cost to franchise a famous brand is about 100 - 200 million VND. One of the oldest and most famous brands in the coffee franchise industry can be mentioned Milano Coffee. 

Refer: Franchise information Milano Coffee

4. Cost of opening and maintaining a coffee shop

One of the experiences of opening a coffee shop from AZ for newbies is the need to plan costs in a detailed and reasonable way. You should estimate expenses such as:

- Cost of opening a shop: including costs for renting premises, repairing, decorating, purchasing equipment, raw materials, business registration, advertising...

- Cost of maintaining the shop: including costs for hiring employees, electricity, water, internet, taxes, insurance, maintenance, purchasing raw materials, etc.

- Other costs: Includes contingency costs for emergencies, mishaps, or non-recurring expenses.

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  1. Find raw material suppliers

One of the factors that determine the success of a coffee shop is raw materials. A good supplier will ensure the following two issues: Raw material sources ensure quality , and good price. You should find a supplier with many years of experience in the industry because their products have been well received by many customers. 

Shop owners can search for suppliers online, through forums, groups or referrals from friends. You should choose types of coffee that suit the taste of target customers, such as roasted and ground coffee, instant coffee, espresso coffee or milk coffee...

You should also prepare other ingredients such as milk, sugar, syrup, cream, fruit and pastries to serve drinks and side dishes.

7. Focus on customer service

Service is the deciding factor satisfaction and loyalty of cutomer. Restaurant owners need to focus on customer service, including creating a comfortable, clean and friendly space. Serving quickly, thoughtfully and professionally, listening and resolving customer opinions, feedback and complaints or being grateful and taking care of customers after each purchase, will be the premise for the shop to have high quality. Loyal customers are becoming more and more.

7. Marketing strategy for coffee shops

Marketing is a factor that helps shops reach and attract more potential customers. An effective marketing strategy for a coffee shop, including determining goals, messages and communication channels; the design and implementation of creative and attractive marketing campaigns; measuring and evaluating the results of marketing campaigns; Adjusting and improving marketing campaigns over time. 

You can use tools such as online marketing such as website, social networks, email, SMS or offline marketing such as hanging banners, posters, distributing flyers, loyalty cards... to promote your coffee shop.

These are the experiences of opening a coffee shop from AZ for newbies that we want to share with everyone. Hopefully this article will help you get useful information and apply it to your business. Good luck!

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